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Learn about how it all started...

Atelier Cashmere

Since times immemorial, CASHMERE has been recognized as the epitome of true luxury and for the discerning world traveler, there’s no better lifestyle companion. Atelier Cashmere prides itself as an international brand, offering top quality Cashmere knitwear along with outstanding customer service. We at Atelier Cashmere have it our mantra to expand Cashmere experience to a whole new level, taking our valued customers on a voyage that conjures up feeling of exclusivity and timeless yet contemporary elegance. To say we are experts in Cashmere Knitwear is true, but Atelier Cashmere is not just about Cashmere. We believe in a lifestyle and everything that makes that experience unique, living the brand is what we pride at Atelier Cashmere.

Atelier Cashmere was created to be more accessible to youngsters and making luxury cashmere more affordable. We removed the classic styles by/and making Cashmere Knitwear more fashionable. Atelier Cashmere launches new collection every month which is hand knitted on the beautiful island of Mauritius just for YOU. We are confident to say that we produce the best quality of cashmere knitwear and accessories. From our family to YOURS we present you luxurious knitwear supplied exclusively by Loro Piana Yarn, Italy.

Atelier Cashmere was created in 2012 to become the best-selling, best-feeling, all natural apparel on the market today. The success of our high-end quality knitwear is the results of a carefully-planned strategy to give us a competitive edge from the WORLD”S best Yarn Loro Piana to best in savoir-faire in Cashmere knitwear.

Atelier Cashmere knitwear is a necessity and considered as a luxury wear. Our Cashmere Knitwear is a must have and immediately available for YOU to enjoy for a lifetime and definitely a MUST to be added to your collection.

Our Craftsmanship

All our luxury knitwear is hand knitted using the old traditional methods to ensure they are preserved and represented in the products made today. Atelier Cashmere is providing the ultimate comfort for those who always want to feel totally at ease, whether for work or leisure. From sketches to knitting the fabric, all stages of the manufacturing process including final meticulous quality control are carried out. This is where skilled experts transform fibers into versatile, timeless knitwear.

Corporate social responsibilities

Atelier cashmere is committed to our social and environmental impacts, ensuring our products are sourced and manufactured responsibly. We donated 1.5 Euro per Knitwear sold to environmental and animal welfare. We value ethical production and we believe child labor is morally and ethically unacceptable and uses no harmful chemicals.